Computational biology is now considered an essential area of research for supporting the "-omics" and health research. However, the situation is plagued by author ambiguity especially for Asian names, broken links for web tools, disappearing databases and inadequate disclosure, not enough for reproducibility.

New initiatives from the APBioNet include compliance standards such as Minimum Information about a Bioinformatics investigation (MIABi), currently under development. This MIABi compliance will require, firstly, for authors to be issued with unique author identifiers or AuthorIDs for identity disambiguation and accountability purposes. Authors with multiple author identifiers issued by various publishers (e.g. Scopus author ID, ResearcherID) can now be resolved to a unique individual through identifier cross-referencing.

DocID represents a central portal necessary for the above, to ensure persistence, provenance, accessibility and reproducibility. All databases, datasets and codes cited in papers published through our processes may be mandated to be archived in this way, supported by distributed repository nodes, such as that of the Asian Bioinformation Centers initiative. Moreover, a database on a pre-configured operating system (OS) such as BioSlax can be also archived as an image, stored at such repositories. Even though the original database server may no longer be available, the database-OS image can be dynamically re-instantiated on demand via a cloud computing virtualized platform.

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